Vero has more than surpassed one million registered users.
Vero claims to be a Social Network that celebrates peoples passions without algorithms, ads, or bots. Will it always be this way? Who knows, but Vero has extended its free for life offer and so if you are thinking about having a play now is the time.



According to Fast Company Vero is 2 years old, so although classed as the newbie on the block it has had some time to settle.
Vero is a social media app that claims completely ad-free however there will be a membership fee introduced but no figures or fees have been stated yet.
I am a Vero member and currently am checking it out and seeing how it compares, watch this space and I will keep you updated, or if you want to connect, see you on Vero.

Vero is available now on the app store and google play for more information go to
To find out more about the 'free for life' offer follow the link below