By now we have all come to realise that live streaming is more than just a craze, it’s become a way of life for people all over the world. With the likes of free platforms Periscope or Meerkat, your business can get on board with live streaming and grow your customer base.


Why Live Streaming?

Live streaming provides customers with real time insight into you and your company. It provides a more personal touch than the likes of Twitter and Instagram by generating a more personal relationship with your clients.

Live streaming shows a true portrayal of the people behind the brand and introduces your customers to the people they will be corresponding with or may have already built a formal relationship with. Though live streaming customers will get to see behind the scenes and feel like their getting to know the company and the brand without you having to individual meet each potential customer.

The great thing about live streaming is that it can be viewed on most devices so long as you have a decent internet connection, so your customers can watch from anywhere in the world and even on the go.

Below we have some great ideas for those of you reading this who are considering live streaming:

  • A behind the scenes view of the company/offices
  • Meet the Staff
  • Interviews on current projects
  • Feedback from clients
  • Insight into community discussion
  • Product demonstrations
  • Q & As
  • Topical Events
  • Actual Events
  • Showcasing new aspects of the company
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